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Switching over to LED lights Featured

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Written by Sunday, 19 May 2013 08:09;
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To switch every single piece of halogen lights to LED lights could be costly and many are reluctant to do so. Therefore it is utterly important to know the most efficient way of switching them over.

We are able to offer honest and professional advice on the best solution of changing your lights. For instance, sometimes you could simply replace a LED light bulb instead of paying for a whole unit.

To help you understand more we have listed below the common scenarios that most people encounter.

1. If you haven't budgeted to change all of the halogen lights for the whole house, you should consider replacing the lights in the most used areas in your house first, for instance, kitchen, dining and lounge.

2. Most halogen down lights are MR16 or GU10, which can be easily changed to LED by simply changing the light globes. This can be performed by yourself at home as long as you are not changing the transformers.

3. Many houses have the traditional batten light bulbs which consume an large amount of electricity. You can simply replace the batten light bulbs with LED light globes. A 9W LED is roughly equivalent to a 100W traditional batten light bulb. You save up to 90% on your electricity consumption.

There are also many other ways to help you save. Simply visit us and our staff will ensure your switch over is as smoothly and cost effective as possible.




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