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Why CK?


We are very fortunate to be living in the world's most liveable city. To help save the environment has always been part of our business direction.


We are one of the first LED suppliers in the region. There is no compromise in the quality of products and services we provide to our customers. Over the years we were in business, we have been supplying all different types of LED lights to commercial and residential customers. Word of mouth is our only advertising.


When selecting product ranges, we take quality and cost into consideration, as LED lighting can be a substantial investment to start with. However making the right choice of LED lights will reduce your energy bills and benefit from years of energy efficiency. We strictly choose products with SAA approval certificates. Our wide range of products will make sure it is a one stop shop experience to most of you.


We constantly review our range and have great sense of what's new in the market, aiming to bring the most up to date technology into the local market.


We offer professional advice on lighting selections, fitting requirements and referral to qualified electricians.


We have just recently revamped our website with shopping cart feature added. We endeavour to make your life as easy as possible.


At CK Architectural Lighting, we pride ourselves in the professional and honest approach we deal with our customers. Hope we can be of help with your lighting requirements.